Kodo x Miyake-jima Geino Doshi-kai x Shuichi Hidano in “Kiseki—Tomohiro Mitome 30 Years with Kodo Commemorative Performance”

Tomohiro Mitome has been one of Kodo’s key performers for many years and 2020 marked his 30th year with the ensemble. The commemorative concert we planned to hold at EC last year had to be postponed...and the long wait is almost over. We will hold that concert this year at EC 2021!

For this special occasion, we have invited guest artists and fellow taiko performers Miyake-jima Geino Doshikai and Shuichi Hidano to join a select Kodo cast as they honor Mitome and his 30 years with the ensemble.

What better way to salute Tomohiro Mitome than filling the air with the resounding sound of taiko? We hope you’ll join us!

Event Summary

Aug. 21 (Sat), Start 17:00 / End 18:45 JST*
*Japan Standard Time
Ogi Port Park Event Stage
① In-Person Tickets
Area S
1-Concert Tickets (valid for specific date only)
Adults: 5,500 yen (+300 yen on the day)
Ages: 6–14 2,000 yen (+300 yen on the day)
*Preschoolers (ages 5 & under) receive free admission

Area A
1-Concert Tickets (valid for specific date only)
Adults: 4,500 yen (+300 yen on the day)
Ages 6–14: 1,000 yen (+300 yen on the day)
*Preschoolers (ages 5 & under) receive free admission

2-Concert Tickets (Area S only)
Adults: 10,000 yen
Ages 6–14: 4,000 yen

SOLD OUT (*EC events do not have waitlists, however there is still a possibility for cancellations. Please check Kodo Ticket Service Reservation Site for availability or contact Kodo Ticket Service.)

② Live-stream Tickets
1-Concert Ticket (Date specific): 2,500 yen
2-Concert Ticket: 4,000 yen
Yuichiro Funabashi (Kodo)
Kodo, Miyake-jima Geino Doshi-kai, Shuichi Hidano
In-person: 600 people. (50% of the usual capacity)
Ticket Availability
Tickets go on sale on July 9 (Fri) at 9:30 am (JST). See here for details.